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The Big Dog and the Meaning of "Is" is ISIS

Eleven years ago at high noon, when the sun was at its apex in the sky over the Capitol building, the United States Senate acquitted Bill Clinton on impeachment charges which were the culmination of various investigations that dogged the “Big Dog” throughout his term in office.

If you weren't there, it's kind of a long story. I suppose it all started with some bogus land deal the Clinton's were involved in (are there any other kind in Arkansas?), then expanded into a sexual harassment suit filed against the Big Dog which then went haywire when the Big Dog’s DNA was found on the infamous blue dress of another one of his paramours, the voluptuous young intern Monica Lewinsky.

After an eternity of contrived partisan wrangling and lascivious gossip, the whole charade ended the only way it was ever going to- with Clinton off the hook and his enemies in the Congress licking their wounds and/or looking for work. Clinton was destined to be a one-termer before this ridiculous clownshow began but then spent the last two years of his second term basking in record-high approval ratings. Now he chums around his adoptive family, the Bushes. George and Barbara say the Big Dog is “like a son” to them.

But we don’t care about all of that here, we’re in it for the semiotics. And boy, the whole thing was lousy with them - truly fascinating parallels to all of the myth-themes we puzzle over here. Where should we start?

How about here- in the Egyptian Mysteries, Osiris was trapped and murdered by Set, the god of chaos. Bill Clinton was entrapped by Kenneth (“born of Fire”) Starr (!) who had him impeached. Set had 72 co-conspirators, that parallels the "vast and organized Right Wing Conspiracy" Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke of.

Bill Clinton had been in office 72 months when he was impeached.

The constellation of Taurus was seen as in opposition to Orion, which was identified with Osiris. Ken “Starr” brought his first indictment in May of 1998 (666x3), the month of Taurus in the Zodiac.

Monica Lewinsky came to the White House as a intern after the 1995 government shutdown, a kind of symbolic death that signaled Clinton’s political rebirth after the disastrous 1994 elections. But then things get a little, uh, delicate, so sensitive readers are encouraged to look away.

Clinton got busy with Lewinsky in the Oval Office. Not much more need be said about that, other than its alignment with the Washington Monument and Obama’s nifty new carpet for it. Clinton and Lewinsky never got to the horizontal bop, preferring oral and manual stimulation. Any symbolic parallels there? As if you need to ask....

The Egyptian creator god Atum created the Universe by autoerotic means, both oral and manual. In ancient times, a pharaoh’s sex slave would often help her sovereign start his day in a similar fashion, in a ritual symbolic of the creation of the Universe by Atum.

In the ancient mysteries, Isis cannot find Osiris’ thingy so she magically creates one from the earth. Speaking of which, remember the cigar incident? If not, go do a search on it, this is a family blog (in some depictions, Isis uses the phony phallus to give Osiris the breath of life, nudge-nudge).

Fans of the Sun know all about the 17 meme- well, Monica was subpoenaed on December 17, 1997 and Clinton gave us the infamous “meaning of IS IS” line during his January 17, 1998 deposition. Clinton then becomes the first sitting president to testify before a grand jury on August 17 of that year. On Aug. 17 of 2000, Starr’s successor, Robert Ray (!), empanels a new grand jury that never goes anywhere.

On November 19, 1998, Kenneth Starr outlined the charges against Clinton before the House Judiciary Committee. The very next day the first module of the new International Space Station (IS(I)S) was launched on the Zarya rocket from launch pad 333 at the Baikonour Cosmodrome in Kazakstan, 3,300 miles from the Giza Necropolis. Hoagland was all over it:
Zarya, which translates into "sunrise" or "rising sun" in English, was launched from pad 333 at its precisely scheduled time despite Russian requests to have the launch delayed. NASA, citing a number of minor technical considerations, refused the Russian request and the launch went off as originally scheduled and was witnessed by NASA administrator Dan Goldin. Considering that the IS(I)S program was already a year behind schedule, another minor delay would not, despite NASA protestations to contrary, have led to a significant problem. Only when you consider the symbolic significance of the moment does this steadfast insistence make sense.

"Rising sun" of course, is Horus in the ancient Egyptian pantheon of gods. "Horus in the Horizon" or more literally "Horus-rising," is symbolic of the transformation between the dimensions of life and death.
On the 16th of December, US and British forces dropped some bombs on the 33rd parallel (Iraq, to be precise). The House Impeachment took place on the 19th of December. Thirteen (13) House managers ran the clownshow. December 19 was the day Licinius abdicated his role as Roman emperor. It was his wedding to Constantine's half-sister in 313 AD that served as the occasion for the Edict of Milan (which he co-signed), that set the stage for Roman theocracy. Strangely enough, It’s also the day that Apollo 17 splashed down.

The Senate trial opened on 1/7/99, which gives us the requisite 17 and 9s. After the 13 House managers spoke in the opening arguments, the next lawyer was was Cheryl Mills. Here’s what the BBC has to say about her:
White House Deputy Counsel Cheryl Mills, the first woman to address the trial, is widely regarded as the shining star of the defence team, and gave an effective presentation on President Clinton's behalf on the second day of defence arguments.

She slapped down both the obstruction of justice charge and the House case that leaving Mr Clinton in office would undermine the rule of law.

A 33-year-old African-American, she is known as a devoted protector of the president and first lady, having served in the White House since Mr Clinton came to power.
After opening arguments, there were three (3) witnesses for Clinton.

Speaking of 3, in between the open and close of the hearings was the 33rd Super Bowl, which saw the Atlanta Falcons (Atlanta is on the 33rd parallel) lose to the Denver (site of the Masonic International Airport) Broncos. The final score was 34-19. 3+4+1+9=17.

Funnily enough, there were at least five 33rd Degree Freemasons in the Senate at the time- Trent Lott, Jesse Helms, Arlen Specter and Strom Thurmond (all Republican) and Robert Byrd (Democrat). Did I mention that 33rd Degree Masonic muckety-muck Albert Pike called Little Rock, Arkansas his home?

Clinton himself was a member of the Order of Demolay back in Arkansas, the Masonic youth group named for the last Grandmaster of the Knights Templar whose oppressors- King Philip of France and Pope Clement- both died under suspicious circumstances not long after DeMolay’s execution.

Strangely enough, the king and pope of this charade- House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Speaker-Designate Bob Livingston- both suffered political deaths when their own indiscretions were outed during the trial, sending both men out of Congress forever. The exact nature of Livingston’s naughtiness was never publicized, but it was widely reported he had been married for 33 years. He confessed on Dec 17, 1998. His successor Rep. (now Senator) David Vitter was a client of the late DC Madam, as well as the Canal St Madam.

And just like the three unworthy craftsmen of the Masonic Hiram Abiff ritual, Representatives Henry Hyde, Helen Chenoweth and Dan Burton were themselves humiliated when they were revealed to be adulterers in the press, thanks to the tireless efforts of Larry Flynt.

In the end, Monica’s testimony during her 23rd time on the stand absolved Clinton by saying she had never been asked to lie. This whole episode unfolded over a period of 13 months, from the first revelation of Monica Lewinsky on the Drudge Report to Clinton’s acquittal.

After the trial Clinton emerged from the oval office and gave a press conference in the Rose Garden. It was the 190th birthday of Abraham Lincoln, whose own Vice President was the last Chief Executive to be impeached.

And they all lived happily ever after.


  1. While President Clinton was on vacation just before the Monica media sh*t-storm started, he wanted to ge Monica a present. (I understand that President's get a lot of presents for staff).

    He got Monica a BIG DOG sweatshirt!

    Am I remembering this correctly? I'm pretty sure I am...

  2. Just happened upon this factoid while looking up who was what number president and the date struck me as something I had read in your post earlier. Indeed I had. You mentioned Dec 19th, which was apparently also the day Nelson Rockefeller became VP (filling a seat that had been vacant since Aug 9th and 5 months after his nomination on Aug 20th - smack in the Dog Days of summer)

    PS:O "On January 10, 1977, Ford presented Rockefeller with the Presidential Medal of Freedom." ...1.10.77 is a 17 wrapped in a 17.

  3. I think, I was busy at the gay bar (see video) during that time, so thanks for the Clinton refresher, and what an amazing one it is! As you mentioned, the divine whores appear to have a considerable affect on the affairs of this world.

    Two observations: I have often detected a resonance with 72, so thanks for leading me on about that. "oral auto-erotic?!" I've had dreams about that! Something about the lad from Nantucket...

    Oops, I think I maybe just violated the "family friendly" code.



  4. Speaking of Nantucket, the sweatshirt in question carried the logo of the Black Dog, a Martha's Vineyard tavern opened in 1971... which is *17*91 backwards...

  5. As, Dick Morris, former Clinton inside camper turned disgruntled Fox News analyst and Clinton nemesis, was fond of stating during the 2008 presidential primaries; Hillary Clinton and close fans felt she had a virtual “Divine Right” to the US Presidency. After all, she had paid her dues as the dutiful First Lady of Arkansas. She had steeled through many accusations of philandering against her husband; had worked heartily for the Democratic Party and had championed women’s and children’s rights. More than many felt the 2008 Presidential election belonged to her.

    Hillary initially attempted to raise herself to the contender level by being the, point “man,” on Bill Clinton’s first term health care proposal. That fizzled and made more ire than seemingly necessary against the Clinton health plan and relegated Hillary to the sole role of simply, First Lady. So, Hillary decorated and hosted as a “good” political wife and mimicked her Little Rock status all over again. However, Bill fell back into character and mimicked his philander status too. But was it genuine infidelity or did he really intend to continue to set the stage for Hillary’s eventual ascension to the Presidential throne?

    It interested me greatly that Morris was able, rather “allowed” to disseminate his “Divine Right” of Hillary Clinton ascending to the Presidency in his books, on cable news and through a self-made movie on Hillary. There are many historical and mythological references of “Divine Right.” One instance is, of course, the Arthurian legend.

    When you mentioned in the post, that the sex between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky in the Oval office paralleled Egyptian sex rituals and even the Atum creation myth; it clicked to me: “the Charm of Making.” This was from 1981’s “Excaliber,” a movie adaptation of the Arthurian legend.

    The Charm of Making from Wiki:

    “The most likely interpretation of the spoken words is:
    Anál nathrach,
    orth’ bháis’s bethad,
    do chél dénmha
    In modern English, this would be translated as:
    Serpent's breath,
    charm of death and life,
    thy omen of making.”
    In the film, Merlin had given the secret of the Charm of Making to Uther Pendragon. This “charm” seems to be some sort of sex ritual magic.

    From Wiki:
    “Uther meets and is enchanted by Cornwall's wife Igrayne. Cornwall is enraged and the truce is broken. The lustful Uther later lays siege to the Duke's castle. Merlin is furious at Uther's recklessness, which has wrecked the peace between England and Cornwall that Merlin has been working towards for years. He nevertheless agrees to use his magic to help Uther seduce Igrayne, on the condition that Uther relinquishes to Merlin whatever results from his lust. Merlin uses his power (The Charm of Making) to transform Uther into Cornwall, who rides into the castle. Meanwhile, Cornwall is killed during his assault and sensing her father's death, Igrayne's young daughter, Morgana awakes. Believing her husband has returned home, Igrayne (Katrine Boorman) makes love to Uther while a devastated Morgana sees past Uther's disguise.
    Igrayne gives birth to Arthur but Merlin arrives and takes the baby. Uther pursues Merlin but is ambushed by the remaining loyal Cornwall knights. He is mortally wounded but not before thrusting the sword into a large stone. Merlin exclaims that "he who draws the sword from the stone, he shall be king".”

    It occurred to me that Bill Clinton’s sexcapade may have been a “Charm of Making.” That is, making Hillary King, or President, through ritual sex. Monica then, was simply a young, sexually healthy and fertile stand-in for the aging and menopausal Hillary.

    I remember a Michael Tsarion/Jordan Maxwell visual discussion on the need for the New World Order to enter through the ritual “fertility” of a female and thus he expected a female President would be elected to symbolically “birth” a New Order.

  6. Then there is another Arthurian legend, in this same vein, that occurs in the Bible.

    This concerns God’s Promise to Abraham that the Savior or Christ (New World Order) would be born through Abraham’s “seed”. Though Abraham trusted God’s Promise, his wife Sarah/Sarai wasn’t convinced especially since she had aged greatly and had passed her childbearing years. So, she went against The Promise and gave her servant girl, Hagar, to have sex with her husband. Again, this is an instance of ritual sex used to produce an heir, lineage and “kingdom”.

    Similarly, it seems that perhaps some, in need of a different route to Hillary’s self-perceived “Divine Right” to one day inherit the Presidency, may have used the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal as a substitute/ritual sex event to insure her “Kingdom” and lineage as Sarai used Hagar. The Oval office sexcapade was reminiscent of Egyptian sex ritual and additionally, the biblical reference to the Sarah/Hagar event notes that Abraham and his wife had spent time in Egypt and were exposed to the Pharaoh’s court. Nowhere is it ever discussed what Hillary’s feelings were on the Lewinsky matter and we never know if Hillary had ever met the intern.

    However, the wrinkle in the ascension plan for Hillary was the fact that the “seed” or semen was spent or “lost” on the blue dress. So, one could wonder if the sex ritual failed or if Bill purposefully diverted the “seed” and thus symbolically diverted Hillary’s 2008 Presidential bid (Kingdom).

    Another result of this sexcapade could have also been Bill Clinton’s purposeful diversion of the presidency to another future King, President Obama.

    Looking at the rise of Bill Clinton to Arkansas Governor and his successful first try election to the Presidency there are parallels with President Obama. The “Big Dog” as Clinton was called implies there is a “Little Dog.” Clinton took his poverty stricken hound dog (two fathers) life out to the most powerful position in the world. So did Obama and with “two” fathers as well. After the death of Obama’s father his grandfather stepped into the father role. The Secret Sun notes that the grandfather resembled Gus Grissom and has a nice photo of the young Obama on his grandfather’s back. And both Clinton and Obama had touted strong mothers and grandmothers.

    My grandfather was fond of stating an old saying, “the old rat cuts the hole but the little one crawls through it.” Bill Clinton “cut the big hole” when he was elected and proclaimed to the African American population as the “First Black President.” Though Clinton was not black, he had such an “aw shucks” appeal to African Americans. Many hugged him and praised him and Clinton’s appeal to the impoverished and black Americans is what really elected him. This same demographic saw a similar Hope in Obama. And of course, Clinton was from Hope, Arkansas.

    Despite the Lewinski incident minorities and the poor remained loyal to Clinton. However, that loyalty dissolved when Bill Clinton supported his wife in her battle against Obama for the presidential nomination. Some even perceived Bill’s comments during this intense period as blatantly racist. But Hillary did not prevail and her ascension was diverted as Bill’s “seed” had been in the ritual sex/Lewinsky episode.

    So, the “Little Dog” Obama is following in the “Big Dog” Clinton footsteps with a drop in popularity. Only instead of a sexual infidelity, Obama’s fall comes from a political and financial infidelity. Obama had promised the poor, middle-class and struggling upper classes a financial break from the tyranny of the banking industry. But Obama “got into bed” with the financial institutions and left the masses hanging. And that’s where Obama’s presidency flounders now. If we extrapolate from the Clinton experience, then perhaps Obama will regain the trust of the base that elected him.

    And, of course, we have seen so much ritual implication from Obama’s presidency and it’s unclear exactly what his “Charm of Making” is accomplishing.

  7. Anonymous 12:31 AM
    THAT is really, really, really interesting.

  8. I'm tempted to say you guys should lay off the sauce but this is such an interesting read.


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